Selling Products That Make Sense To Your Mind And Heart

EmKay Anderson, Inc. is a Minnesota corporation dedicated to a particular vision of “The Good Life”:

Harmony with God/Reality
Harmony within a person’s own emotions, thoughts, beliefs, choices, and habits
Harmony between people — here and there, now and then, us and them
Harmony with all of nature — animals, plants, oceans, terrain, planets, stars …
Harmony with the past
Harmony with the future
Harmony and peace in this particular moment and place

All of that requires discernment, community, solitude, diversity, passion, and humility.

If harmony exists in this moment, it will change if it is to continue to exist in the next moment. A commitment to harmony with God, oneself, each other, nature, the past, the future, and the here-and-now overrides the human tendency to dig ruts and stay in them when they stop working.

The initial expression of our vision is a retail expression locally, on eBay, and on Facebook. We offer products that reflect our vision in some way.

We are committed to selling those products at a price that is fair to our customers and profitable to our vendors.

Prospective venders, please contact us initially by email at the address you create with: “purchasing” “at the domain” “”

We look forward to doing business with you!

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